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Before the flood: A battle for preventing the doomsday

Climate change is real and it is happening at an alarming rate. There are many people who have branded this global concern a hoax and several conspiracy theories have plagued the social media platforms but the climate change is really happening and the scientists have also accepted it to be true.

The sea levels are rising exponentially, ice is melting rapidly and we are witnessing bizarre weather patterns all over the world. If it continues then the total annihilation of the life on earth is not so far away. But what can really be done to stop this from happening? That is a million dollar question which the documentary film Before the Flood tries to answer. Before the Flood featuring the Academy award winner actor Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Fisher Stevens is an absolute masterpiece which beautifully discusses the most horrendous problems: global warming and the climate change, which the world is facing currently. The 41-year-old actor has not just graced the documentary with a brief appearance rather we see DiCaprio in almost every scene, traveling across the world speaking with world leaders, major scientists and environmental activists in the quest of finding a solution for this global scale threat.

This documentary film produced by Leo himself is not just like another documentary which we usually witness rather it is highly educational and it advocates the need to put an end to the problem that we humans have created. The film beautifully depicts everything that is happening due to the climate and it also highlights what is going to happen next if we do not act immediately.

After being named as the UN Ambassador of peace for climate change, Leonardo DiCaprio sets out on a journey to unravel the secrets behind one of the most disturbing threats of the modern era: ‘climate change’. At first, we see that the Revenant actor is little skeptical about himself being the right person to advocate for this cause as he has no scientific background. But on watching the film we could not agree any less that he has given us the truth in its purest form. The documentary compels us to think deeply on the issue and to start taking actions to put an end to this.

In the beginning of the documentary, Leo questions whether it is too late already to take any step and presents us with the most befitting answer in the end. The documentary sends a message that as social beings it is our duty to preserve the environment for the future generations so that they can also cherish the beauty of nature and we are nobody to take that right from the future generations to come.

Before the flood

From smog-plagued Beijing to the toxic tar sands in Alberta, Canada; from burning forests in Indonesia to frequently flooded beach of Miami, the documentary covers most of the weirdest natural phenomenon that the world is witnessing. The Titanic star in his quest meets several world leaders from the US President to the Pope, scientists, political leaders and activists to understand the facts causing these climatic changes and to find a way to stop it.

What happens when two academy award winners join hands for making a film? Before the Flood is the befitting answer to that question. It is not the first documentary film on environmental issues that we are seeing neither will it be the last one but what makes it superior to everything we have seen before is the charisma of Leo DiCaprio and the screenplay of the film which beautifully circles around the problem and in the end compels us to take steps in order to make these erratic climate changes from happening.

Every scene in this documentary is awe-inspiring but there is particularly one scene that is worth mentioning separately. The first one takes place in India when the Hollywood star visits India to talk with noteworthy activist Sunita Narain about the climate change. On being asked how India is planning to resort to renewable resources for fulfilling the energy requirements of the people, Sunita revealed a shocking truth. She revealed that the US is asking India, a developing nation to resort to renewable sources whereas they are not stopping to use the fossil fuels even though the United States is world’s largest economy. This gives us a glimpse on the narrowness of the world politics.

Before the flood - DiCaprio, Elon Musk

The documentary movie provides us with two important messages. Firstly, we need to find different sources of energy and secondly we will have to vote for only those leaders who will advocate the use of renewable sources and will put taxes on the fossil fuels. The documentary ends with the Great Gatsby star delivering a sensational speech at UN general assembly, which will leave most of the people teary eyed. The climate change is a big issue and it is our duty to prevent the doomsday. So let us follow the path that Before the Flood showed us and make a better world for our successors to live happily.


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