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Café Moksh: A demarche for the travelers

Traveling is not just about to see new places; to become one with nature, to visit new places, to meet new people, to get a chance to come in contact with various cultures and traditions is what traveling is about.

Living in this world of complexities, we turn ourselves into the instruments of fate and situation, and we keep going apart from our spiritual self. The darkness of this material world conquers our souls and pulls us far away from the lap of Mother Nature. That is why traveling is important, it helps to cleanse our soul and provide us with a new outlook towards life and living.

Hitesh Bhatt, Chengulam dam, Munnar, Kerala

The story is about an Indian traveler who has inspired and helped in awakening the latent traveler persona among many people who have been neglecting it for a long time. Yes, it is the story of Hitesh Bhatt, a budget traveler who has traveled across the nation in search of true solitude.

Hitesh Bhatt

Hitesh has always lived a life of uncertainty and full of adventures; the normal boring everyday life was never meant for him. Thus, he ultimately submitted himself to his wild adventurous self and started traveling across the country as a full-time budget traveler.

Hitesh, himalayas

He left home with one goal to see India without even being certain of the future. Hitesh traveled from east to west and north to south across the country and gained most enriching experiences of his life.

Hitesh Bhatt - travel map

He spent the nights on the mountain tops around the animals and sometimes in huts with the sadhus. Hitesh also traveled the country on general railway coaches and sometimes in bicycle. The adventures, the thrill of being alive which he had been seeking his whole life was finally coming to him.

It is said that the almighty has created everyone in pairs and all you need to do is to find them. It may sound like a line from a cheesy Bollywood movie but it turned out to be the case for Hitesh Bhatt as he met Catalina Pavel.

Hitesh Bhatt & Catalina Pavel

Catalina is also a lone traveler coming from Romania, the small beautiful country of Eastern Europe. They did not only build a wondrous rapport with each other and decided to travel together but they completely found themselves lost into each other. Thus, the journey was no longer solo as the both of these young travelers were walking the roads holding onto each other. The duo traveled across several states of India from north to south through the west.

Hitesh & Catelina with TISS friends

After experiencing most wondrous things together, they realised that India does not have many outlets where the travelers across the world can sit and share their adventurous tales and get more insight on the native customs as well as the cultures.

Hence, the traveling duo came up with the idea of the Café Moksh. While thinking about doing something to increase the number of physical outlets for travelers in the country, they came with the most dextrous idea of opening a travel cafe.

Hitesh and Catalina wanted to start their cafe in a place that would be in the lap of nature and at the same time would not be too far from the city life. Thus, they agreed on opening their cafe in their most favorite city, Rishikesh.


The name of the cafe was decided to be the Cafe Moksh and nothing can be better than this. Moksh, a Sanskrit word which signifies the union of the human spirit with the universal and that is also the goal of traveling, to become one with nature.

Cafe Moksh

They found a cafe in Rishikesh to own it and to mold in accordance with their plans. But the process of opening a cafe is not easy and the most important thing that is required is money. The young traveling duo, Hitesh and Catalina did not have huge reserves money to start the cafe. Hence, they sought the help of the crowd and it is their followers who Hitesh has inspired through his Facebook or blog postings came out to their aid to open the Café Moksh.

The Café Moksh will not serve as a holiday destination for the city crowd rather it will function as a stage for all the travelers to meet;

Cafe Moksh, Rishikesh

share their experiences; showcase their various talents;

Cafe Moksh, Music, People

encourage the young travelers, to understand the rich cultural diversity along with leaving their own cultural mark on it and to satiate themselves with the most delicious cooking.

Cafe Moksh, Kitchen

Some people are born to live a sustainable life; they are born as the misfits in the selfish society and it is the tale of those people which inspires us the most and give us hope to vouch for a sustainable living. The story of Hitesh and Catalina are one of those stories, which inspires us to  live our dreams.

Hitesh, Catelina

The Cafe Moksh is a testament to their dreams and hopes; be a support in their initiative and help them to enrich us with more of their travel experiences


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  1. Hi Hitesh,
    Great job man. All the best for new start. Hope to see you soon with a travel plan to Rishikesh along with ur bestie #Jyoti

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