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An astonishing journey: Children’s science group to a keen deep ecological movement

Have you ever thought of making the world a better place for living? Have you ever tried giving something back to the nature and your commune instead of advantaging from it?

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Most of the people do not have the time to think about the community, sustainable living, ecology and keeping a proper balance in nature. We are so tangled in the webs of materialism that we fail to discover our spiritual self and live a life deprived of the elixir of spirituality.

But in this world where money and power talks, some people still exist who practice in the doctrines of spirituality, ecosophy or deep-ecology. Yes, it is the story of Santhosh Olympuss and his organisation Greencross Foundation India who are trying to change the world by following the Olympuss doctrine.

Santhosh Olympuss


But Olympuss is not a creed rather it is a community, foundation, school, doctrine and gurukulam, which focuses on giving the knowledge of cognitive as well as transcendental environments and the  sagacity of deep-ecology.



Olympuss: A voyage towards the fountain of deep ecology

Olympuss is an abode to the  philosophy of deep ecology; it is not just another organisation rather it is a community, doctrine, gurukulam, foundation and school.

The movement was initiated in back in late 80s and Santhosh Olympuss started spreading the ideals of deep ecology throughout the country until 1997 and later Olympuss found its permanent abode in the state of Kerala.

It is a place where the knowledge of ecosophy and deep ecology on cognitive as well as transcendental environments is provided to the fellowship members. The Greencross foundation moves forward with a vision to help the people understand their position in the nature and to encourage them to walk on the path of sustainable living in order to understand what true happiness is.

Olympuss through its action tries to warn the world to refrain from the destructive path of materialism and to vow to help in developing nature and lives of people sustainably and most importantly to make everyone understand the meaning of true peace.

Revisiting the early days

Let us now board the time-ship and get back to the days when this inspiring movement of deep ecology used to be a group project of few children.

Santhosh Olympuss along with his friends opened a Children’s Science organization back when he was just a kid and that was the beginning of the Olympuss. But at that time the doctrine which the Olympuss now follows was not there but the idea of commune living; idea of sustainable living and living a life of true happiness was there among those children.

The children had made their own sanctum where they used to carry out their scientific experiments and other sweet mischief. It was named the “Children’s Olympuss”, a peaceful sanctum for the kids along with a drama centre called “Vagmee Natya Kendra”.

But with time everything changes and ironically the fate separated other kids from Santhosh and their organisation; that was the time when Santhosh truly considered developing a community where everyone can live together, sustainably and happily without falling apart.

Around that time Santhosh Olympuss was very fascinated by the philosophy of Siddha Sadhana and practiced it under the tutelage of his Guru Mani Ettan, a siddha yogi. This form of yog sadhana further grounded his roots deep down under the sagacity of deep ecology and ecosophy.

And now it has become a major centre for living sustainably within a community and to study the doctrine of ecosophy and deep-ecology.

The founding pillars of the Organisation:

Santhosh Olympuss along with his partner Ponni Olympuae and  students founded what is known today as a neotribe community.

The Doctrine:

Olympuss is a doctrine about ecosophy and deep ecology on the transcendental and cognitive environments. The idea originated in different parts of South India back in the 80s which has now spread across the world and is an inspiration to everyone. It offers knowledge blended from ancient ecological wisdom and the modern science to embrace spirituality, sustainable lifestyle and to make the world a better place to live in.

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The Foundation:

The organisation is founded upon a vision to educate people about the ideals of deep ecology and ecosophy to help them find true peace, happiness and to be one with the soul of the universe. With this vision, the foundation has an agenda to establish a campus for educating the people about the ideals of ecosophy and its practical application in making life better.

The community:

NeoTribe is the community that is dedicated to walk on the path of Olympuss’s ecosophical doctrine. The community was formed with members from every caste, religion, sex, creed and age groups; and they were trained to understand the rules of nature better and to solve the problems of modern day life with love and harmony.

olympuss community

The Gurukulam:

Navogathra Gurukulum is an eco-commune where anyone can come to find a place to live and to follow the ideals on which the Olympuss has been situated. It is also the home of the Olympuss from where it operates. Here, people come to train and practice the deep ecology to live sustainably.

Navagothra Gurukulam

The Eco Village:

The whole Olympuss community is shifting to their new destination, a NeoTribal Village to create an example for the world to follow. The main aim here is to show the people, the working of a corporal model and how to live sustainably.

The University:

Learning is a process discovering new things; discovering oneself and the University follows this philosophy to every extent. At the Olympuss Virtual University, the students are given topics without proper clarification and it is up to the students to find the answers and complete their knowledge. The land has just been acquired for the university and several things are remaining to be done to make it a full-fledged learning centre.

Neotribe ecovillage spot as of now

The Private Forest:

An initiative to create Gramodaya private forest is taken by the ardent followers of Olympuss. Followers who are staying close to the area will be participating in this noble cause. Learn and serve to expand the greenery of the society.

The Vocational Village:

Learn more about the green jobs and enterprises and escape from the daily chaos of life. Find happiness in the vocational village and get connected with eco-friendly and organic services with NeoTribe. Interested candidates will be certified by the NeoTribe Certification.

The Green School:

Practical and spontaneous education is the aim of NeoTribe. Green school is the modern version of Gurukula system which follows the traditional culture of learning by connecting with nature and the outside world.


Prapancha in her learning


Fellowship programs are conducted every month at different areas and district of Kerala where participants can celebrate  the inner-outer  nature and  its surroundings .

eco fellowship

Come, be a part of a mesmerizing journey. Nature has given you the call.

more info @ olympuss.in



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