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Envision Festival: Transforming human beings for the better

Envision festival is the celebration for human awakening; it is a celebration fully dedicated to inspiring the world to adopt sustainable living through various arts, yoga and performances.

Envision Festival

We live in a world where artificiality is increasing with every passing day. Human beings are becoming self-centred and egotistical by forgetting the core values of love and compassion. We are stripping nature of her glory and we keep on valuing our material existence over the true self.

The sustainable living, living amidst nature all of this have become a far-fetched dream for most of the people. But the hope for a better tomorrow is not dead yet and the Envision festival of Costa Rica is a testament of that hope.

Envision Festival


In the present days, the transformational festivals have gained much fame as the escape way for most of the people to find peace; to become one with nature and to vouch for a sustainable way of living.

The transformational festivals are not just about great musical stage performance along with quality food rather there are lots more to these festivals. The transformational festivals are the celebrations of human awakening; they are the celebrations of human life, nature and spirituality.

Envision Festival

From natural healing methods to sustainable lifestyle to be able to listen to your true self, the transformational festivals teach you many things in their workshops and it is the knowledge; the experience of these festivals that make them so endearing.

Great food and soulful music are what people get as a bonus from these big celebrations of humanity and with the lessons from these festivals the souls of the people see the light by shattering all the barriers of darkness in the minds.

Envision Festival - Community

Envision Festival- A celebration for a better and healthier tomorrow

The Envision Festival being one of the best transformational festivals in the world provide a platform that helps is the awakening of the human souls. The festival serves as a stage where different cultures admix with each other to build a sustainable community and inspire the people attending the celebration to vouch for a sustainable way of living through yoga, art, performance, education, dance, music and deep connections with nature.

Envision Festival

The 8 pillars

Envision  one of the biggest celebrations of human lives and sustainable living, is founded upon eight fundamental pillars that set the tone of the festival. These eight pillars are the fundamental philosophies that the festival follows to vouch for a better earth. The main aim of this festival is the betterment of human lives and the planet hence to achieve that mission these 8 pillars are very important. What are these 8 pillars? Well, here they are:

Permaculture: Resource management, Land stewardship, Care for the earth and all the people, Reforestation, regenerative designing and end of single uses, all these forms the base of the permaculture and these steps are followed in Envision to gift the people a better earth.

Envision Festival Permaculture

Spirituality: Most of the people tend to neglect their spiritual self but standing face to face with your spiritual half is the only way to true enlightenment. At Envision, the reestablishment of lost spirituality is attempted through the connection with nature, ceremonies, meditation, spiritual consciousness building and energy channeling techniques.

Envision Festival Spirituality

Movement: Proper movement of the body is required to keep the body and mind fit. Having a fit body is the only way to live sustainably and to find peace in this highly uncertain mechanical world. In the Envision festival, you will learn yoga, dance, performances and techniques of martial arts to keep the body and mind healthy.

Envision Festival Movement

Art: Envision is the place where people belonging to different cultures and countries showcase their talented artistries. All forms of art ranging from live, expressive, digital to visual and installations; everything can be witnessed at this celebration in the southern coast of Costa Rica.

Envision Festival Art

Music: The soulful tunes of the Envision are also a great attraction for the people. Be it cross-cultural, sound healing or newly composed music the fervent tunes echoing through the cliffs of the southern coast of Costa Rica will calm your mind and help you to completely get lost in the nature.

Envision Festival Music


Community: One of the main aims of the Envision is community building; they help the people to be able to find a truce with each other and to build a sustainable community where everyone can peacefully. Collaboration, family values, safety measures, participation and diversity are taught in the workshops to help to make this world a single great family in spite of the diversities.

Envision Festival Community

Health: Health is one of the major aspects that get lots of attention in this transformational festival. With the advent of time and development in artificial technologies, the health issues have risen steeply hence at Envision it is tried to teach the people the core values of bodywork, nutrition, herbal medicines, organically grown food and energy work to leave all the artificialness behind and vouch for a better and healthier life.

Envision Festival Health

Eco-building: From studying the minimum impacts to use renewable materials everything is being preached in this festival to help people to build eco-friendly structures.

Envision Festival Eco-building

The Village

At the heart of the Envision, you will find The Village, a sustainable community preaching the ways of living sustainably and peacefully. No community is able to form without the families, thus Envision does everything to welcome families and children in their village to provide them with a truly enlightening experience.

Envision Festival


In the village, you will also find the healing sanctuaries and herbal clinics where The Village Witches or the herbalists will treat you in a completely natural  way. Moreover, Envision has an herbal bar where herbally produced organic cocktails are served instead of alcohols. You can also learn their herbal healing techniques from the Village Witches Educational Series.

There is also Comida Atpico, the village cafe that sells organically grown food with great taste and high nutritional value which you can devour without fearing the consequences.

Envision Festival

The village also has a great market, The Global Mercado which will redefine the meaning of shopping for you. The Village is the centre of learning and gathering experience and Envision goes to great lengths to ensure the enlightenment of all the people visiting.

The Line UP:

The festival has a great line-up that truly excites the people visiting there. From soulful music to thrilling performances;

Envision Festival - Rising appalachia

from Yoga to keep your mind calm to spoken workshops to give you the knowledge of sustainability;

Envision Festival - Workshop

from vibrant art and installations to creating beautiful event posters, Envision offers you everything that you need to forget the soulless life of the mechanical world to vouch for a peaceful sustainable life amidst the nature.

Envision Festival Performance


The Envision takes place every year in the southern zone of the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The southern coast of Costa Rica is the meeting place of magical rainforests with the majestic Pacific Ocean and it is one of the true examples of Paradise on Earth.

Envision Festival - Forest & Beach

The venue of the Envision Festival is one of the most bio-diverse places on the planet and it is inhabited by gracious sustainable living people with rich culture. Participating in this celebration will not just provide you with extensive knowledge but you will also learn what it means to be truly alive.

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