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Envision festival : the wake up call

I have seen the most beautiful people, the most perfect waves, the most colorful sunsets, and the most incredible wildlife but I haven’t taken a single photo since I left Jaco. Neither photos or words can really convey the experience I have had thus far but I would like to share it with you to the best of my ability.

Envision Festival was magical. I connected with amazing people, surfed every day and danced my ass off. I met my soul bothers Sam and Duncan and sisters Natalie, Aly and Sally. Chris and Kimberly came from Newport and my highschcool friend Gray and his amazing girlfriend Natalya where there too.

Words cannot describe the feeling of love, oneness and connection I experienced the last night/morning of envision. To be honest there were times when I felt like shit.

At some points during the festival I felt alone. I would see others dancing together and embracing and felt jealous of their ability to connect. Then, somehow, all those feelings disappeared. I realized that I am connected to everyone, that we are all dancing together.

envision 2017

Photo : Ron Worobec

There was a moment right before sunrise when my intuition led me into the crowd, toward the stage, directly into a man named Adrian who I connected with deeply at Envison last year. We embraced with a hug that seemed to last forever.

As vibrations of sound traveled through us we held each other tighter, breathing into one another. When the song ended we looked up and realize we were in the very center of the crowd. We looked into each others eyes mirroring the expression of “wow.”

The rest of the morning as I danced I felt nothing but pure love and light. I looked into the eyes of all the beautiful people reflecting the same light. My ego and judgments melted away and a feeling pure bliss took over.

I was not afraid to shine my light and I felt capable of giving and receiving infinite love. Envison is truly a transformational festival.

After Envision I spent the next 4 nights camping on the beach in Dominical, one of my favorite places in the world. The wave in Dominical is one of the heaviest and most consistent I have ever surfed.

It is constantly barreling at mid and low tide no matter how big the swell is. I first came to Dominical with my parents when I was about 12 years old. I went back several times in my early teens to go to Spanish surf school. I did a lot more partying then studying in those days so my Spanish is still poor lol.

The fist time I broke a board was in Dominical. It was a 5’8″ rusty piranha. I will never forget the humbling feeling of if pulling up on my leash to find just half a board at the other end. I love feeling the power of the ocean.

While the town of Dominical has certainly changed over the years it has kept it’s hippie-surfer vibe, unlike other parts of Costa Rica where high-rise hotels and golf courses line there beaches.

You can still camp on the beach for free. The beach front is lined with amazing artists selling incredibly woven necklaces bearing powerful stones and fossils.

The food at tortilla Flats still tastes as good as ever after a long surf session. While my favorite bar/restraint San Clementes is no longer, I am grateful to know that that Mike sold it after a spiritual awaking and he plans to build a healing center and focus the rest of his life on waking people up instead of getting them drunk.

Even though booze still flows and cocaine is cheaper then marijuana, there something special to me about Dominical and the people it attracts. I know I will always come back to this magical place.

Through a wild chain of unexpected events and connections, I find myself up in the mountains at an Iowaska retreat center.

People come here from all over the world to experience this powerful plant medicine. The days are spent bathing in the cool river, lying on the warm rocks, meditating and reflecting.

The nights are spent in a beautiful ceremony unlike anything I have ever experienced. I feel flooded with deep gratitude to my family, friends, past lovers and all of the acquaintances in my life.

I especially want to thank my teachers Corey, Leah, Florian, Julia, Mike, Walter, Dave, Omar, Emily,Anna, Wes, Tessa, Re-becca, Madeline, Meagan and my amazing parents.

I ask for forgiveness for all the times I’ve judged you for I see now that it was really me not accepting aspects of myself. I still struggle with self love.

I still have times when I feel uncomfortable in my body, when I feel regretful, when I feel stuck but I committed to a path of self acceptance because when I shine I give permission to those around me to shine.

I want to inspire others to follow their dreams and shine their light. I know that my mission on this earth is to spread love, light, wellness, and mindfulness.

My mind is blown away by the ease with with my dreams manifest and I am continuously in awe of the the grace and intelligence of the universe. Gracias. Gracias. Gracias! ??


I donated a bunch of my turmeric chai tea (Jahmu) to the Envison coffee shop and they sold over 2,000 cups.

jahmu chai



Image Credits :   Eric Allen , Ron Worobec    @ Envision Festival

Jessica Filkins is a 27 year entrepreneur-mermaid-adventure seeker. Jessica grew up on a tiny island called Block Island off the coast of Rhode Island. She spend much of her childhood being home schooled on a boat in the Bahamas. Jessica feels a deep connection with the ocean.


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