Bhangra by Christine
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From Denmark to Punjab: The Dancing Glory

Art is something that is not bound by the boundaries, it is something universal. Art is something that unites the cultures, brings people together and preaches the world the values of unity and togetherness.

Bhangra by Christine

You can be a singer, painter or a dancer, no matter with which form of art you are attached to; if you love it then there is no force in the world that can stop you from doing it. Even in this rapidly advancing world, a woman has to face many challenges and she is often barred from doing what she loves most.

This is something that is completely wrong and the world is uniting against it. But human beings have the tendency to learn through examples and there is one woman who is the setting herself as the prime example to follow what you love. She is showing the world that if you love something truly then no boundaries can stop you from doing it.

Christine Meier, a Danish national and Bachelor in German language and Business communications is showing the world how passionate one can be about a form of art. She is also setting new benchmarks for all the women to follow.

Christine Meier

Christine was always passionate about dance; she has been dancing her whole life- right from the time she first learnt to walk. Though she was trained in ballroom dancing since her childhood but she was always attracted to other forms of dance and Bollywood.

The vibrant colours of the Bollywood movies; the beautiful choreography as well as the songs and especially Bhangra always filled her with good vibes and a zeal to know more about India and its culture.

India is a land of colours and togetherness, which greets everyone with open arms and utmost love. This is what Christine loved about India and fell in absolute love with Bhangra.

The bhangra dancer used to listen to Punjabi MC throughout the day when he was in his prime and was very hit in Europe. She always found herself dancing to the beats of Punjabi songs and she just could not resist herself.

Bhangra by Christine

Then with time, Bollywood movies became very popular in Europe and the European theatres started showing them. Christine always used to get attracted to those movies and she always used to end up watching them.

She would also buy the cassettes of Punjabi music and would force her friends to do the steps with her during parties. She always dreamt about coming to India and dance Bhangra. But she never thought that one day she would realise her dream.

She downloaded music and watched movies from YouTube to train herself in Bhangra. She also took classes of bhangra to continue dancing the way she loves it most.

Though she never understood a word in the lyrics but it was the beats that made her dance always. This is the thing about music, you may not know the language; you may not understand the lyrics but if you hog the beats inside you with your soul then you will always be able to dance on your prime.

Then things happened very suddenly, she came to Mumbai for six days and got a chance to take the Bhangra classes and Bollywood dance classes. Later, the aspiring dancer moved to Chandigarh.

Bhangra by Christine

This was the time when Christine met her mentor and the person who influenced her most to the tunes of Bhangra, Micky Singh. Micky’s endless energy and passion for the bhangra dance impressed Christine most and she just could not let go of the steps or the music that she learnt.

Christine with Micky

Now, Bhangra has become her life and her passion which she loves to share with others. She loves to dance since the appraisals from her admirers always put a smile on her face and fill her with good vibes.

Christine & Micky

The bold woman is now arranging various workshops at various countries along with her mentor Micky Singh and cultivating in the art of bhangra in every possible individual. From Stockholm to Hamburg, every country is dancing to the peppy beat of Bhangra.

Bhangra by Christine

She is going to start her Masters in business communications and it will help her to look at the world in a completely new way. The thing about Christine which makes her more admirable is that she does not hesitate to flaunt her blemishes. She may not know all the Bhangra steps but she is mixing her own style with it to make the dance more glorious.

Christine is also considering starting her own bhangra classes which are indeed a good initiative and will help others like her to embrace the bhangra. It will be another step towards building a harmonious multicultural world.

Christine is an inspiration for every woman across the globe. And the world needs people like her to become a much better and lovely place without any discriminations and boundaries.


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