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Goa Sunsplash Festival: Jamaican Reggae in the land of classical music

Haven’t you heard about the biggest reggae music festival in India? If not then get your dates blocked as we are talking about the Goa Sunsplash festival, the biggest celebration of reggae music in the Indian soil.

goa sunsplash 2017

The tunes of reggae music will be echoing through the cliffs of Anjuna Beach in the state of Goa. Let’s prepare ourselves for popular music festival which is returning for yet another year to rock the Anjuna beach on its magical rhythms.

Indians have always been a big fan of reggae music; from Bob Marley to the Skatalites; from Llyod Knibb to Sly Dunbar, their musical creations have taken the minds of the Indians across the oceans to the Jamaican soil. The reggae music has brought Jamaican dance and culture closer to the Indian soil and even closer to many hearts.

Goa Sunsplash 2017

The soulful tunes and meaningful words of the reggae songs have taught the world to move past all the depressions and to hope for a better tomorrow. Although the reggae music originated from Jamaica, but it has crossed all the boundaries and has become the soulful tune of the whole world.

Now it is time too for India to dance to the tunes of reggae music from around the world and Indian reggae music bands along with waves of Arabian Sea at the Anjuna Beach in Goa.

Goa Sunsplash 2017

The festival has announced their lineup for 2017 and all the excitation of the Indian populace is about to break the silence. The international as well as the popular Indian artists are performing in 2017’s Sunsplash festival. From the world popular artists like Zion Train, Manudigital, MC Brother Culture and Cali P to Indian superstars like Reggae Rajah’s, Delhi Sultanate and Begum X will be rocking the stage of Sunsplash 2017.


Moreover, there will also be performances from lesser known but soulful reggae bands like Dew Drops from Shillong, Bangalore’s Synchroshakti, Chennai based Kavin and Riddim Funktions from Pune.

10000 lions

The Goa Sunsplash festival of 2017 will also mark the return of 10000 Lions, the highly popular handcrafted reggae music system which has also rocked the festival of the previous year.


Although the festival will continue for two days only after getting started on 14th January but if you count the pre-parties then it is really a 5 days festival and the reggae tunes will make the North Goa groove to their tunes for almost a week starting from the Wednesday, 11th January. The pre-parties in Goa are real fun and when it gets coupled with the reggae tunes; the joy and excitement break all the barriers.

Goa Sunsplash 2017


The pre-parties will start from 9 pm whereas the starting time for the main festival is 3 pm on 14th and 15th January. There will be more than enough artists and DJs to make you shake your body to their beats.



It has been over fifty years since the reggae music originated from Jamaica, especially from the Kingston. The world has sung with Bob Marley and Skatalites in their rhythms and the people have made it their own forgetting all the cultural differences.

After five decades now, the reggae music is no more limited to the soils of Jamaica or Kingston rather it has become a valuable property of the world populace. The Goa Sunsplash festival celebrates this truth and tries to unite the world with the vibe of reggae in the Indian soil. Get engaged with the reggae vibes and unite the reggae music with the rich culture of India.

Tickets : http://www.goasunsplash.com/tickets


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