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Living the Change: follow the world with the Inspirational Stories

We live in a world which is constantly being threatened by climate change, the endless trifles over crude oil, the collapse of great economies and destruction of the environment in which we breathe in; thus it can be very overwhelming for all of us to feel powerless and hopeless sometimes. But that should not stop us from hoping for a sustainable life; that should not stop us to hope for a healthier future and we should never stop finding ways to make this world a better place for us and the generations to follow.

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For every one of us who are feeling a little low due to the overwhelming condition of the present days, inspirational stories serve as the best medicine to come out of the dark abyss to find new ray hope and that is what Jordan Osmond is trying to accomplish with his Living the Change documentary series. Living the Change is a collection of short documentaries that focus on the backyard gardeners, small houses, permaculture, natural buildings, people living happy yet simple lives and the inspirational stories of all those who are pioneering this process of transition from hopelessness to a sustainable and better future.

As for the guy who came up with this idea of upholding the stories of all these wonderful people who are inspiring the world with their choice of a resilient lifestyle, Jordan Osmond is traveling across the Northern and Southern Islands of New Zealand telling these inspirational tales in a most amazing way. The Living the Change is meant to be a series of twelve wonderful short films of which three had already been released by this independent filmmaker.

Any project requires some monetary funding to be completed and Living the Change is no exception to that. Thus, Mr Osmond and his partner Antoinette arranged a fundraiser campaign which helped them to raise $4800 for their documentary series. Although there is still a long way to go as they require a total of $8000 to complete their project but with the help of people across the globe who have loved their work in the three short films of Living the Change series, they are slowly vouching towards their goal.

Jordan OsmondThe vibrant filmmaker Jordan Osmond believes that it is better to be funded by the people who are loving his work rather than earning money from the YouTube Advertisements which tend to destroy the spirits of people watching his films on YouTube. Thus, Osmond is seeking for the support of the people across the globe to enable him to present them with the stories of beautiful personalities who are pioneering this transition to a more sustainable way of life and are acting as an inspiration for all of us to vouch for a better and safer world.

Currently, Jordan with his partner Antoinette is traveling across the southern and northern islands of New Zealand capturing the inspirational stories of all those people who are vouching for a more resilient way of living in their camera. They have already released three films of this documentary series and are working on releasing the rest nine. When all of these will be completed, they are planning to release a full documentary by combing all the twelve short films by the end of 2017.

The first film that was released by Jordan on YouTube has been entitled as Finance to Farmer which entails the story a Finance worker Andrew and his wife Beth who left the hurly-burly of their city life and moved into New Zealand in search of peace and resilience. Within just three years they developed a beautiful permaculture property and have been living happily since. In this film we see Andrew saying that they felt a void inside their heart that is why they decided to move to New Zealand and start their own permaculture farm which has become their lifeline ever since.

The second film highlights the life of Tom and Sarah along with their daughter Nessa, who are living in a small off-grid cabin in a property on the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula. Instead of paying any rents, the couple helps the owners in their work and makes their living along with the owners from the abundant produce of the farm. As this film is a tribute to this simple living family that is why it has been named “Living Simply in a Tiny off grid cabin!”.

Lastly, the latest release from the living the change series, “An invitation to Wilderness” is about the 23-year-old food forest developed by Robyn and Robert Guyton in the Riverton area of New Zealand. The short film acknowledges the efforts of this lovely couple who has transformed their 2 acres of barren land into a fully blooming forest.

We all feel the urge to live a happy, simple and sustainable life but most of us do not know how to achieve it. With his series of documentary films, Jordan Osmond is trying to inspire us to take the first step towards sustainability and to change the world; and there is only one word with which we can praise his efforts “wonderous”.


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