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My 5 favourite places in India

During 2012-2013 I left Colombia to go to New Delhi for an internship. I did not only worked for an amazing tech startup but took a time to travel all around the country.

As a way to encourage you to travel the incredible India too, I did a list of my 5 favourite places in India. Get inspired!

1. Leh, Ladakh



This isn’t only my favourite place in India but in the whole world. Ladakh’s region is hands down the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Its snow-capped mountains, clear blue rivers and Tibetan culture make it the perfect destination for all those nature and Buddhism lovers, like me.

2. Varanasi, Banaras



Cradle of Hinduism, Varanasi is a fascinating place rich in history. Full of contrast, the sacred city, involves you with religion, rituals, burden corpses and all that amazing Indian chaos!.

3. Bikaner, Rajasthan


Bikaner, temple

Rajasthan is the most traditional state of India. Go there if you want to see Hindu Temples, ride a camel in the desert, eat the best Butter Chicken, see women wearing sarees and…visit the rat’s temple.

Rats, Temple

Yep, I’m not kidding. As soon as I knew that there is a temple that has tons of rats I added it to my Indian bucket list. Why did I like it? Well, where else in the world you can be in a temple where rats run all over the place? Only in the unique and incredible India!

4. Alleppey, Kerala



My fourth favourite place is located on the other side of the country. Southern India is famous for its beautiful beaches, nature, hot weather and good gastronomy.

Consider Alleppey for its white-sand and clear water beaches but mainly for its canals and backwaters. Known as the Venice of the east, this town is a hidden gem between rice fields and the Indian jungle.

5. Goa




Most popular destination in India, Goa has all! Beaches, interesting culture, lovely architecture, yoga, meditation and a great hippie-bohemian atmosphere. I was there for New Year’s Eve…best party ever!

Andrea believes that there’s too much beauty in the world, and she likes to travel because she loves to see -and feel- it! She has friends in all continents, loves chocolate and wine, reads a lot and collects quotes. She stopped buying clothes when she figured out that everything she needs, she can fit in her backpack. She is currently working for the travel startup AllTheRooms


  1. Sanjay Chawla

    Where is Udaipur?? Have you been to Udaipur??

    • I went to Udaipur and yet it’s a beautiful place, isn’t on this list. Well, India has a lot of beautiful places…it was hard to narrow them down!

  2. Where is Karnataka?? You have missed so many good places in Karnataka

  3. It’s my list without Andamans and instead with Bikaner! And I would start with Varanasi at 1 ! But so cool _ good vision!

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