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Sailing the Farm Crossing Atlantic (Latest Position & Updates)


Sailing the Farm (the sail boat) Latest Position and updates.
mmsi :  257993030
callsign :  LA6OTA

Winlink messages received by Rune Asgeir

Thursday, March 16 (Facebook)

All well. Arrived on anchor in Salvador. All crew happy and had first swim in harbour. Now to do checkin and eat ice cream and ice cake.

~ Zeyang Lin

Thursday, March 16

lovely.start to see lights from the city 40 nm away. a little strange there is no ship on ais. with a 2 million city i expect more traffic. else peaceful night, a little rain and unstable wind from SE. so engine is helping from time to time.
think we should be on marine-traffic again by now. if there is any receiving station in salvador.
this winlink is a neat thing to have even if its a power drain. we thought we should have plenty of power from solarpanels but we burn 50 ah during night and i think mostly is from radio use. but fun to have contact with the world around us.

Wednesday, March 15

Dear All
Sailing the farm is will arrive in Salvador tomorrow thursday after 21 days out from Cape Verde. Very smooth and relaxed journey sofar. Still cant see land but there is icecream for the first one who spot land. Total distance from Canary Island is 3100 nm sofar. Tomorrow it will be first checkin to Brazil then back to work on the boat before we continue. Will stay here a couple of weeks before we continue south. If you want to join please contact us.
Here crew is trying to catch local radio stations while eagerly sniffing out for Brazilian soil.

Sailing the farm in atlantic

Tueday, March 14

dear all.
swimming day today. the crew was hanging some hours behind the boat in a rope. 27 degrees in water and tropical heat.
Now we slowly crawl towards Salvador under iron genua. this 24 ton lady wish for more than 5 ms from east.
Journey so far has been smooth sailing last 2700 nautical mile. Crew wished the leg was 3 weeks longer and hope we could make a detour so we arrive later, captain had birthday the other day and french/spanish lady spent the night watch to make a colin archer chocolate cake with gaff rig and all sails flying. It looked a little seasick but taste was fantastic.
Even if we fish every day we haven’t got any. Those fish outsmart us. We need to think like a fish!??
Love from Sailing the farm.

Sailing the farm in atlantic

Monday, March 13

slowly going closer to land. will arrive in 3-4 days in salvador. all well onboard. pancake day.

Friday, March 10

East of recife going south under full sails. 2 weeks out from cape verde. less than a week until we see land. peasoup and waffle day yday.

Wednesday, March 8

150 east of fernando de noronha going south on a good south easterly wind. average 5.5 knots. not bad so close to equator. Wednesday is shower day.

Tuesday, March 7

Hello again!
position: 0024S 02911W
Today we crossed the equatorline and neptun came onboard to baptist the crew. In lack of tar and feather like good old days they were sprayed with barberfoam and properly soaked in seawater. and ofcourse they now are obliged to tatoo an anchor on their arm. else we can report of calm wind a few bird and no boats around, so iron genua is pushing is forward towards Brazil. All well onboard.

Sailing The Farm in Atlantic


Monday, March 6

Lost wind yesterday. cloud and rain- iron genua moves us forward. will be rice porrige for dinner today.. 27.3C in water. Maybe swimming…..


Saturday, March 4

Dear All. All handkerchiefs up and flying. After 7 days we decide it was time to get more sails up. So very busy at the office today. . we manage 5.5 in average even with less winds. . Was very close to a pirate fishing boat last night without any lights on. wonder what they fish out here. We tried to call them up bot to no avail. These guys are not very talkative it seems.
Here is french pirate lady ready to attack next fishing boat.

Sailing The Farm in Atlantic

Wednesday, March 1

hi rune.

here is our position: 0747N, 02648W

wednesday 1 of march.
all well on the good ship Sailing the Farm and no mutiny yet. We are getting closer to the equatorline by day now. these other crew doesent know but Neptune will come onboard and scare the shit of out them, then roll them in tar and feather. after this cermony they are allowed to tattoo an anchor on their arm if they wish. Im looking forward to this. Have plenty of tar we use for the wooden rail who will come to good use now.
Except for this happening we enjoy ourselves with reading sailing stories, watching sailing movies and talk about sailing, a kind of onetrack mind maybe.
We log sea-temparature and its now up to 26 degrees. Still quite a way to go to Brazil. someting like 14 days. We feel the weather change every day. Its more cloudy closer to ITCZ, and down there we can expect squalls and plenty of rain, no wind or too much wind nmaybe . We will see. This metal-lady seems happy logging around 5 knots in average and fastest 24 hour run sofar is 137. Not bad for 24 tonns of aluminium.
Hope all is good back on land.

Sunday, February 26. at 0230 zulu.  Position 14.00N 026.09W.

All well onboard. just had our fastest 24 hour run sofar. 137nm. Flyfish is trying to jump into our green navigation lights all the time and sea is glowing from planctons. Night is extremely dark down here and our familiar polar star is slowly getting lower on the horizon.
Crew are happy and not insane yet, though the two music ladies are practising fiddle and flute on their watch.
Glad to have earplugs! at least they are scaring the whales away.
We are betting when we will see land again. I guess 20 days.
Trying to do a position update on winlink under position report and and a few updates here on facebook thanks to Rune (LA7QY).
Love from sailing the farm.

Thursday, February 23, 2017 9:03pm (Facebook)

Diving ladies out to refill tanks. Leaving for cross atlantic tomorrow

~ Zeyang Lin

Tuesday, February 21, 2017  8:02pm (Facebook)

Arrived mindelo cape Verde. Wait for crew change then continue across Atlantic

~ Zeyang LinMindelo Cape Verde



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