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Sailing the farm: The voyage of sea gypsies across the world

We live in a world which is constantly getting torn apart by the environmental pollution, climate changes and war among the countries over many issues. The concept of sustainable and a peaceful way of living has become a far fetched dream and people are continuously losing hope for finding a peaceful way of living.

Amidst all of this, there are several people across the world who has not forfeited their pursuit of achieving a sustainable way of living; they are still vouching to reach their destination and by setting an example they are keeping the ray of hope alive among the people of the world.

sailing the farm


It is time you meet Zeyang Lin, Captain Johnny Birkelund, Andrea Ortiz Gomez and other crew members of the Sailing the farm. The story of “Sailing the Farm” started on an organic farm at a few hours distance from Oslo in Norway. The people leaving there are adept at permaculture and they try to grow their own food.

sailing the farm

With their needs being simple, they take happiness from nature and live contentedly with two farm dogs, a farm cat and some free range chickens. The people of the organic farm are adept at bee keeping and harvest honey from the bees which they use to make jams. Moreover, they grow potatoes and raspberries on their farm and are vouching to grow every bite of their food on their own farm.

sailing the farm

But their life was not complete as they wanted to explore the world, meet other ecovillages; travel in the most eco-friendly way and collect knowledge from every corner of the globe. Thus, Zeyang Lin and other people of the farm decided to build a sailboat to explore the world.

sailing the farm

It took them almost 8 years to finish building their boat; the process was not easy as there were challenges but those wonderful people persevere throughout the process, got help from other volunteering hands and at last completed their boat successfully.

sailing the farm

The idea was not to go on a fancy voyage across the sea but the people behind the sailing the farm wanted to create a sustainable living place both on the land and the sea.

After 8 years of extremely hard work, Zeyang Lin and others started sailing with Captain Johnny Birkelund in command.

sailing the farm

They started from Oslo in Norway and set their sail towards the Portimao Islands in Portugal. As the crew of “Sailing the farm” is on a voyage to gain knowledge from all the ecovillages across the world thus they are halting in all the places from where they can add something to their urn of knowledge.

sailing the farm

Leaving the Portimao Islands behind, the yacht again started to sail until they anchored in the Canary Islands in Spain.

sailing the farm

The sea presents them with challenges but they withstand everything and still maintain a smile in their face.

Traveling across the world in a sailboat is not easy but Captain Johnny Birkelund, Zeyang Lin and other crew members are shattering all those prejudices and are now setting their sail to cross the Atlantic Ocean in the month of February and March of 2017 to reach South America and they are planning to cross Pacific in 2018 to sail all the way to Asia by 2018-2019.

sailing the farm

The crew of “Sailing the farm” are also inviting people across the world to be a part of their incredible journey and to support their cause for creating a sustainable living place in both the land and the sea.

In the world where the countries are at war and the emitted carbon is painting the future of mankind dark, keeping high hopes for a peaceful and sustainable life seems impossible sometimes. But, the stories like “Sailing the farm” provides the world with hope and a dream for a better sustainable future in every way.

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  1. Lin zeyang

    Lovely article. We are now in Canary prepping for atlantic crossing. Want to join us?

    • We would love to join you guys. I love what you guys are doing. We are from India. Please let us know when you guys are near India!

  2. juanita farrrell

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  3. Peer Bonnemann

    Det er et fantastisk projekt i har – jeg har stor respekt for det. følger jer rund på jeres tur

  4. Parabéns!! Suas atitudes podem mudar o mundo!!

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