Solar city and Tesla is providing solar electricity
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SolarCity and Tesla is providing solar electricity to the people of Ta’u Island

Tesla Motors is one of the most popular companies in the US and the world, under their visionary CEO Elon Musk has always considered the use of clean and renewable energy for electric cars and other various purposes. At present, Tesla is working in association with its recently acquired company SolarCity to provide electricity to the people of Ta’u Island in America Samoa by generating 1.4 megawatts of power from the solar energy by using their microgrid.

Ta’u Island in the American Samoa is located; 4000 miles away from the west coast of the US thus they had always faced problems regarding power generation. According to the people of the island, they had always relied on diesel powered generators to meet their power requirements but to avail the diesel required for running the generators was a problem that they had always faced. The diesel had to be bought from the west coast and there had always been problems regarding its supply, so they had to face severe power shortages in the past. Moreover, using diesel for generating power was very costly and also it was not environmental friendly at all. They had been spending more than $8 million to buy 109500 gallons of diesel to meet their power requirements. Thus, the micro grid from the SolarCity sand Tesla is a great boon for the islanders.

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The microgrid that was developed by SolarCity uses almost 60 power packs of Tesla to generate power. The Tesla power packs are nothing but large commercial batteries which can store energy for almost 6-megawatt hours of electricity. These batteries can easily be recharged fully within 7 hours of sunlight by using 5300 solar panels. The island of Ta’u gets adequate sunlight throughout the year thus inadequacy of solar energy is not a problem that the residents of the islands will ever have to face.

The project was funded by the US Environmental Protection Agency, American Samoa Economic Development Authority and Department of Interior and Operated by American Samoa Power Authority. The microgrid was developed and delivered by Tesla and SolarCity within a year so that the power requirements of the local residents could be met as soon as possible.

Now, the micro grid has been installed in the island and the power packs are also in place. Thus, the island has a power source of their own and they will not have to rely anymore on the deliveries from the coast. The schools, police stations, business, hospitals and fire stations will use electricity generated from this clean energy source to function properly.

Tesla has always been a great promoter of the clean energy sources and the company has acted as a pioneer in developing several innovative technologies that can harness the clean energy sources like sunlight to meet the power requirements of the people. The CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk is a master who has led the venture of the company in the Ta’u Island from the front. According to Elon Musk, the demand for clean and renewable energy sources will only increase with the passage of time and the company will be ready to meet the demands of people.

Moreover, Tesla is currently developing an at-home battery which they are calling Powerwall 2 for the residents of the island of Ta’u as a part of their energy offerings and they are also rumoured to mass produce solar rooftops. With the advocates like Tesla and SolarCity, the popularity of clean and renewable sources of energy is increasing and people are becoming keen to use these eco-friendly sources to meet their energy requirements.


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