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Star Trek Cast reunites for an adventure to the quantum realm with Dr. Hawking

The laws of physics that govern the quantum mechanics are completely different than that of the Newtonian physics. The quantum world is still unexplored and truly fascinating as the building blocks of the reality itself exists in the quantum plane.

With notable works from the geniuses like Einstein, Schrodinger, Hawking shedding a light on just the quantum plane, the mysteries that it holds are enormous and the possibilities are innumerable. That is why the quantum mechanics have always been a matter of fascination for most of the people and the Hollywood celebrities are no exception from that.

Recently, the Star Trek cast reunited for a short film called “Quantum is calling” with cameos from the Matrix star Keanu Reeves, John Cho and the legendary physicist Stephen Hawking. The short film was made under the collaboration of Caltech, Cinestar and Trouper productions.

Caltech has earned considerable fame last year by blending entertainment with quantum physics in their “Anyone Can Quantum” short starring Paul Rudd. So it was well expected that the short film would be one of its kind and it truly proved to be.

The story of the short film “Quantum is calling” revolves around the famous Schrodinger’s cat experiment. Well, you may not be familiar with what it is; so, let us shed some light on it.

In 1935, the famous quantum physicist Erwin Schrodinger presented the world with an amazing paradox. Yes! It was the theory which was later dubbed as the Schrodinger’s cat experiment.

Though the experiment was never performed in reality but it was a theory that Schrodinger devised to explain the theory of Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics if applied to everyday objects.

So what is the experiment all about? Well, Schrodinger’s cat experiment says that a cat can be dead and alive at the same time if it is poisoned with hydrocyanic acid. Now, how is it possible?

You can say that is absurd with your everyday knowledge of classical physics but that is not true. The Schrodinger’s cat sheds light on the theories of quantum entanglement and the endless realities or possibilities that the quantum world presents us with.

This is basically the story of “Quantum is calling”. Zoe Saldana loses the cat of Simon Pegg in the quantum world and then she uses every known theory in physics to get the cat back.

zoe saldana

When Zoe loses the cat and finds herself in a helpless position; she calls Stephen Hawking straightway in Skype. The physicist guides her with the knowledge of physics to get the cat back.

The film explains the experiment of Schrodinger’s cat beautifully and takes on a thrilling journey to the quantum world. We must admit that the direction of Alex Winter requires applauding and the voice over from the Hollywood sensation Keanu Reeves is worth mentioning.

The Schrodinger’s cat experiment though explains the theory of quantum entanglement but it also sheds some light on the theory of multiverse or multiple realities.

As observed in the double slit experiment, the photons that pass through the slits produces a definite pattern on the screen and it is not discrete. Even though the photons have no connections in between but they seem to follow a definite path.

How does this happen? Thus, we can say that there are some intricate vibrations or waves that shape the reality as well as the infringement pattern in the double slit experiment as observed by us.

It also says that like the similar patterns obtained on the screen from the double slit experiment, there are innumerable alternate realities similar to the one which we are experiencing right now. That is how Schrodinger’s cat remains dead as well as alive at the same time.

Sean Carroll who is a physicist at Caltech has made an explainer video for the common people to understand the science behind the short film “Quantum is calling’.

In this video, Sean explains the physics behind the Schrodinger’s cat experiment and the theories that have been discussed in the short film beautifully. And thus it makes the video a definite watch for all of us who loves to know the mysteries of the infinite quantum reality.


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