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The Venus Project: A holistic approach to achieving a resource based economy

As human beings, we face numerous global challenges every day. These problems not only make our lives full of hardship but every nation also suffers. The nuisance of climate change, poverty, wars, famines and epidemics are few of the most noteworthy global problems that we face on a daily basis.

The Venus Project is one such initiative which aims at saving the mankind! It strives hard to preach the world a holistic approach to building a worldwide socio-economic system which will be able to utilise latest technological advancements to offer the highest standard of living to the mankind.

Yes! You guessed it right. The Resource Based Economy is what, the Venus Project vouches for to solve the problems that humanity faces daily and to make the earth a better place for us and the generations to come.

What is The Venus Project?

circular cities

All things considered, we need to know about The Venus Project to be able to understand what they do. So, what is a The Venus Project actually? The Venus Project is actually an organisation which suggests a feasible action plan to bring social changes in order to achieve the goal of a sustainable as well as peaceful global civilisation.

The Venus Projects eyes at realising the dream of a future where the human rights are no longer textbook concepts rather they are an integral part of our lives. The organisation offers a holistic approach; one which is dedicated to solving the hot human and environmental issues.

Who are behind the realisation of The Venus Project?

Every great organisation starts as just an idea. And it is the endless hard work, dreams and emotions of the people behind the idea which helps it to transform into a behemoth organisation. The Venus Project was no exception. It was the hard work and determined will of two pioneers which helped greatly in the realisation of the organisation.

Jacque Fresco:

Jacque Fresco
Jacque Fresco is the founding father of The Venus Project. Being an industrial designer and a social engineer, it did not take Jacque a long time to vouch for a sustainable resource based economy. The Venus Project is the zenith of the hard work that Mr Fresco has done throughout his life.

He hopes to build a socio-economic system which integrates all the latest technological advancements in order to realise the dream of a brighter and a sustainable tomorrow.

He has addressed the students of the best universities across the globe on the social problems like racial tension, lawlessness, divorce and poverty along with the environmental concerns. He has preached the young generation to step forward in order to build a sustainable society which will be free of all the problems; a real utopia which you may call it.

Along with his associate, Roxanne Meadows, Jacque Fresco established Sociocyberneering Inc. Later, it was transformed into The Venus Project. He has built a research facility on a 21-acre land to formulate solutions to the problems that we face today.

Roxanne Meadows:

Roxanne Meadows

Roxanne Meadows is another pillar of The Venus Project. She is a technological and architectural illustrator who has worked hard with Jacque Fresco to bring the organisation into a reality. It was Ms Meadows who developed the models and blueprints of The Venus Project which built the base for The Venus Project.

What are the aims and proposals of The Venus Project?

The idea is to develop a socio-economic system where everyone can live sustainably without aggravating the global problems any further.

But how do they want to realise this aim? Well, have a look

  • Phase-1: The Research Centrevenus
    The first phase aims at building a research centre to fabricate a plan of action to deal with the ongoing social problems. Well, Jacque Fresco along with his associate Roxanne Meadows has created a research centre on a 21 acre land in the city of Venus in Florida.The research centre acts as the base of operations to formulate the proposals and the videos, CDs or books are then created to increase the awareness among people about The Venus Project.
  • Phase 2: Documentation and motion picture
    Yes! Phase 2 involves in creating documentaries and full-length feature films in order to raise the awareness further among the people. Two major documentaries: The Choice is Ours and Paradise or Oblivion has already been created.This phase also involves a full-length feature film which will uphold the proposals of The Venus Project to create a sustainable earth for the humanity.
  • Phase 3: Experimental research city
    Of course, in the last phase, the organisation plans to build experimental cities for research purposes. Venus Project hopes to introduce their proposed theories into these model cities to see how things pan out.

The world is continuously getting infected with the malady of pollution, war and poverty. The essence of humanity is getting lost with the increasing artificiality and selfishness among people. But the hope hasn’t died and we can still make the world a better. And the noble initiatives like The Venus Project are testaments to that hope.


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